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Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics Vehicle Warranty Policy

This warranty statement applies exclusively to products manufactured and installed by Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics. Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics offers a 12 month (12) in-house warranty on all vehicle wrap and vehicle graphics products. Our comprehensive warranty covers all defects in materials and installation. This includes full replacement of failed materials, removal,
and installation.

This warranty does not cover damage to the wrap or graphics from negligence, misuse, accidents, road damage, wear and tear, or any failure not a product of installation or materials.
Due to the limitation of available materials and technologies, and the multitude of installation factors, we must disclose the possibility of certain deficiencies that may occur during the installation process. Signature of the document demonstrates your consent that the following terms are acceptable.

Minor Bubbles: pockets of air behind vinyl smaller than the head of a pencil eraser
Stretch Marks: imperfections in vinyl color and/ warping due to pulling and heating
Seamed Material: areas where one panel of material meets with the next piece; seam lines may not be perfectly straight due to contours in the surface vehicle.
Vinyl Patching: small patches that are used in complicated areas create a consecutive appearance in the finished product.
Alignment: Some vehicles are not aligned perfectly to the ground; we use our best discretion to align the design with the lines of the
vehicle make/model
Lifting Edges: small folds and /lifting in the material that occur around the perimeter of the vehicle and end points of cut material.

These are considered problems only if they increase run past where the original fold in material occurs We require our customers to complete a quality inspection at the time of pick up. By signing this disclosure, you are confirming your understanding that the inspection will take place from a distance of five (5) or more feet.

If the above items are noticeable and cause a distinct disadvantage in the purpose of advertising at this distance, it is agreed that necessary adjustments must be completed at no cost to the customer.

Observations of these items from a distance or closer than five (5) feet is not considered grounds for repair services. Should the inspection take place without the presence of a Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics representative or installer, you should take photos of the imperfection at the distance of 5 feet. This should be sent to us within 48 hours of pick up in the form of email.

Your signature at the time of pick up certifies that you agree to pay all outstanding invoices with Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics that pass the aforementioned 5 feet inspection. You are assuring, with that signature, that you are thoroughly educated on the potential imperfections disclosure.

This warranty does not cover failure due to pre-existing damage to vehicles. This warranty does not cover a failure in the event that the client chooses to keep any/all emblems on a vehicle and to have them wrapped over.

All claims must be made within the 12-month warranty time frame and are subject to approval by an Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics Authorized Representative.

In case of a warrantable failure, Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics’ responsibility is limited solely to, at its option, repairing or replacing the defective wrap or parts of the wrap. Customer’s option for repair of warrantable failures is strictly limited to repair at Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics facility.

Materials used in warranty repairs will carry the same warranty coverage as the materials they replace, but the expiration dates will be the same as those of the original materials.

This warranty is the sole warranty made by Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics in regards to our vehicle wrap products. Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics makes no other warranties, expressed or implied.

Care & Cleaning

We only recommend hand washing your wrap with a mild cleanser. Do not use any harsh cleaning products or solvents on your wrap… they will eat away at the laminate and destroy the prints.

Do not allow gasoline to spill or drip on your wrap… it will eat away at the laminate and destroy the prints. Even the smallest drop of gasoline should be wiped away as soon as possible with a wet towel.

Mechanical car washes of any type are not advised and will void your install guarantee.
Do not wax your vehicle or use Rain-X on the windows.

Sweeping or brushing off the windows with a soft broom and the use of a rear defroster will not damage your window wrap.



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